Albuquerque Xeriscape Plants

Grasses are some of the dominant plants here in New Mexico and they thrive in the western landscape. These grasses can look magnificent in the right setting. Yes, even grass is beautiful!

And Xeric shrubs, or shrubs that are drought tolerant, tend to have a fine texture as well, so xeric shrubs also make good combinations with the evergreens like junipers and pines.

Xeric shrubs include lilac, beauty bush, Apache plume, Peking cotoneaster and blue mist spiraea.

Many xeriscape plants, like poppy mallow, develop very deep roots and can actually store water during a drought. Poppy mallow’s magenta flowers and green leaves complement the silver leaves of lamb’s-ears, lavender or gray santolina.

Many of our native plants are well adapted to Albuquerque’s arid climate. They continue the look of a natural area into a cultivated garden. Keep in mind through, that some plants native to our higher elevation also require more water and cooler exposures, so all are not suitable choices for a xeriscape. Be sure to incorporate them into the proper microclimate of your garden.

Click here for a Printable Guide: The Albuquerque Metro Xeriscape Plant Guide