Creating A Sacred Garden involves creating a sacred space with positive energy for meditation, music or appreciating Nature. It should include plants and various items of Nature that represent the type of energy you wish to attract. The word “energy” means many things to different people, but it is usually understood to be some kind of unseen force. There seems to be many waves and vibrations that emanate from living and so called inert matter than can be felt or in some way measured, although you can not see them.

In the garden, it is important to try to become attuned to the kinds of energy that are present, because different kinds kinds can create different atmospheres. Some of these atmospheres appear to assist the contemplation of Spirit, while others do not, such as locating your garden near a busy road which would affect any sort of ambient energy and distract from contemplation in the natural world.

Energy in the sacred garden is everything, and the energy within the garden is created by everything in it. This is another way of saying that to create a sacred garden space, everything intended for it needs to be selected and sited with care. This is where Debbi, of Blooming Native Gardens, can assist in plant selection, choosing the type of garden, according to spacial/sun requirements, design and installation while taking into consideration the energy flow and personal needs.

Types of gardens to consider are, Meditation, Medicine Wheel, Labrynth, Butterfly and Zen. Debbi is knowledgable  in all types and can assist you in the right selection for you.  Call Blooming Native Gardens today to schedule your sacred garden consultation.  505 440-0875 Call to schedule today.


Blessing for your Sacred Garden

A blessing is offered by Jude Byrne, a Spiritual Teacher, whom has many years of experience with teaching many modalities of Spiritual Growth.  The following is a short paragraph by Jude , to describe what she can offer you.


Importance of Blessing Your Sacred Garden

An important element in co-creating your sacred space with the Creator, Source, the Divine, the Universe, whatever your choose to call your Higher Power, is setting your loving intention for your garden to be a life affirming and self nurturing place for you.  I offer a variety of blessings to facilitate the honoring of your sacred space . Depending on the type of garden you and Debbi of, Blooming Native Gardens, choose, I offer sacred drumming, Tibetan Bowl , prayerful guided imagery, sitting in silence for deep contemplation , or a combination of the above.   Jude Byrne is an interspiritual conduit and chaplain, a teacher, a student of Earth Medicine, and a healer

Jude can be reached at 305 812-5473 for a private Spiritual appointment or to schedule a blessing for your Sacred Garden.