Xeriscape and Landscaping Professionals

Quality Landscape/Xeriscape  doesn’t  have to be expensive!

Blooming Native Gardens can design, install and maintain a landscape that matches your personality and doesn’t have to  empty your pocketbook.

Surrounded by desert, we can choose to live in a landscape that looks deceptively wild: native shrubs and wildflowers or choose more city gardening where the need to prune is more  pronounced and the motive may be to limit reseeding or to fit more plants into the space in a more creative and purposeful design.

Our gardens are dynamic mirrors of our evolving relationship to our world. We can build a rock garden that makes you feel 10,000 feet high, or plant a soothing meditation garden that draws you inward or make a  lush oases that uses surprisingly little water, or pay tribute to the prairie with a dynamic sweep of ornamental grasses.

Whatever your choices in landscape style and function, Blooming Native Gardens can meet your needs with knowledge, creativity and over 20 years of experience.